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Concurrent Connection Protection - BlackBoxPRO

   AdultWebsitePRO provides 2 types of concurrent connection protection packages.
 1. All our hosting packages come with a well known filter system that can be used with AOL, and provides concurrent connection protection based on IP ONLY.
 2. We also provide BlackBoxPRO for even more protection at an additional fee(call for more information).

   To explain why a person would need BlackBoxPRO (or even concurrent connection protection at all) I must provide you with more information on the topic of “password hacking”. Some of the questions below you may not personally have experience with, but suffice it to say that this is an issue with any type of membership site that is successful.

   Ever use way more bandwidth then you should have? Ever log on to your site and it is running really slow but you only have 100 +/- members? Ever get a huge bandwidth bill and you have less then 100 members? Maybe you don’t know that you are using more bandwidth then you should?

   Chances are if you run a membership site of any kind (involving images and videos), that you are using more bandwidth then you really should be using (unless you have concurrent connection protection already in place). There are of course other reasons for massive bandwidth usage (huge movie/image file sizes, to much free content, etc…)

   Are there ways to find this out? Yes, you can eyeball (with enough experience) your current number of members based on amount of content and extrapolate a decent idea of what you should be using in bandwidth each month.
You can also check your tracker (some trackers track this others do not) for referring site links that look something like this:
This means that someone has shared their password or the password was stolen (any number of ways) and is compromised. This also means that unless you have software in place to provide concurrent connection protection, even limited protection, your content will be accessed by hundreds of people in a very short amount of time. Now hundreds even thousands of people have downloaded your content and can watch it any time they please for FREE, and they cost you more bandwidth usage then you would normally use. Some times there is no trace of password theft, call us with exact number of members and bandwidth used and we will be happy to help you determine whether you are being “password hacked”.

   This is by far not the only problem that a membership site will face. Some of your members may actually be content thieves, who download your content, who then compile it on a DVD/CD/ZIP FILE, and sell/give it to others (any number of ways). A lot of these types of people use multiple browsers/computers, or even have friends who help them to get all the content they can get in as short a time as they can. This is also using more bandwidth then a site should receive from a normal membership account.

   How do you prevent the above from happening? You must have concurrent connection protection. There are several types of “membership filter programs” available; some talk a lot and provide limited protection, and cause any number of other issues to arise (AOL anyone?). Others provide protection but they are not easy to implement, and still can cause issues with ISPs like AOL. Some are very expensive, most that are good, are expensive.

   BlackBoxPRO is designed to protect against all the above issues, and several that were not mentioned. Using a well known filter system and coldfusion programming language we can provide one hundred percent (100%) true concurrent connection protection that does not interfere with ISPs like AOL. Also provides detailed information about all member login activity, allows for custom messages/redirects/etc… This solution: can be customized to several degrees of protection all based on your needs; is based on IP AND Username activity; requires Windows Server 2003 and ColdFusion 7.2+; requires the site be built using ColdFusion (.cfm pages); does not work solo of the filter system.

   You can see BlackBoxPRO in action (beta) at (you’ll need to purchase a membership). Once we are happy with how it is working we will implement it into the AdultWebsitePRO demo site.

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