• Warning Page.
  • Disclaimer Page.
  • Initially but not limited to 4 Preview Pages.
  • Initially but not limited to 6 other pages (about us, press, faqs, etc..).
  • Join/Signup page (currently works with CCBill, Zombaio, can be scripted to work with any merchant company/account), also included with package.
  • Members Page (is base page for all protected galleries, categories, pages), initially but not limited to 6 other pages, plus unlimited amount of gallery pages generated as galleries are created.
  • Contact form for your members to contact you for support.
  • Strong Concurrent access membership filter (Password Protection system), provided with hosting package.
  • Admin Panel (easy to use browser based page where you make changes, create galleries, etc.).
  • We setup the site so that you can easily update any section you would like, from simply uploading the new content to the server, or by "Auto slots" setup throughout the site and changed in the admin area. This system is highly flexible and can be customized to do just about anything you might need. Call to discuss your project now.
  • All content is served securely via CloudFront CDN!


  • Traffic Stats tracked by google analytics!
  • Displays to you in your admin section, how many members you have in database real time.
  • You can change the site name where ever it appears on the site, in a textual nature. (if needed)
  • You can Edit Site Colors: Text Color, Background Color, Background Image, Hyper Link Color, Hover Hyper Link Color, Scrollbar Arrow Color, Scrollbar Base Color, Scrollbar Face Color, Scrollbar Highlight Color, Scrollbar Track Color.
  • You have the ability to change the warning page, 4 preview pages, and join page, either by adding simple graphics to them, or using CFINCLUDE to do just about anything else you want to them. We will be happy to assist you at no additional charge, if you choose to use the advanced preview section front end feature.
  • You can add unlimited amount of categories/sections to the members section, and specify a Header Title to show for that category/section. You're also able to edit these categories/sections and able to delete categories/sections.
  • You can add Unlimited Galleries to any category/section. Specify as ACTIVE gallery (to be seen by your members) or NOT ACTIVE (no one sees it, for activation at later time). Give each gallery title image, and small description.
  • You can edit your galleries, you can also delete galleries if you want/need to.
  • Make thumbs of your images with the click of a button, you can set thumb size as well.
  • You can add unlimited Links to members menu system, add store link, links to other content, etc...
  • You can add/edit (as often as you like/need) a "Welcome Message" that shows in the members area.
  • You can change unlimited "Auto slots" ("Auto slots" are setup by us to do exactly what you want them to do) for a textual/image change anywhere on the site.
  • You can Change your Admin panel Username and Password.
  • Movies are played on their own page with an embedded media player and your design. You can have different formats, sizing and qualities of video.
  • Model setup, you can add unlimited models to your site, assign unlimited galleries to multiple models, and give each model keywords for easier search by members.
  • Added Advanced preview section front-end features to allow for instant updates to preview area; Models, Videos, Images; quickly and effortlessly.
  • More automation of "Auto slot" use in preview section.
  • Stories directory, for unlimited story listing in members section.
  • Added dropdowns to allow for members to search models by model or keywords. You can choose to have this option turned on or off.
  • Admin Quick Stat page to include more information.
  • Fast performance and total customizability of the software.

What you need to use this application:

   FTP knowledge, we will be happy to teach you this protocol and give you a full "hands on" tutorial on how to work this system (most of our clients learn within a few short sessions on the phone with us), included with your purchase of the AWP package. Images, we suggest web ready (high quality compression to a smaller "web" file size) images. Best video format is currently .mp4, let us know if you have a video format other than this so we can set it up for you. Graphics knowledge is a plus, but we will create them for you (included in the AWP custom package) or you can use your own (if you choose). HTML knowledge is a plus, but we will do it for you included in the AWP custom package.

   This application requires a windows 2016 server, IIS 8.5, running Coldfusion 2016, 1 DSN, 1 Coldfusion datasource which we can provide for you (see hosting details for more info). Password protection (included in our hosting packages) is provided, via custom software. We have fast, efficient, affordable hosting solutions with everything you need, and will waive the hosting setup fee if you host with us.

   We will customize your application to your specifications (based on the applications current release features). Customization of current features and or any new features, added from updates will be priced according to the type of customization you are requesting.

AdultWebsitePRO V4.9 Automated Adult Website Manager is $1499.00 + hosting fees; comes with complete customization and everything needed to have your own Adult Membership Site with built in Content Management System(CMS)!!
We accept several types of payment methods for your convenience and flexibility.

   If you would like more info, call us 1-505-352-7188 - We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and assist you with your website project.