Who is using your software?
Answer:::  Here are some current websites using AdultWebsitePRO:, Been with us 10+ years!, Been with us 7+ years!, Been with us 3+ years!, Been with us 1+ years!
A small sample of works., Been in business for 19+ years!

Here are some current websites using VideoBroadcastSoftware:, New Site!, Been with us 1+ years!, Been with us 4+ years!

How do I benefit by working with your company?
Answer:::  1. All the information/help/talk through/walk through you will need to step into the adult/internet industry!
2. How/why you should compress and water mark images/videos!
3. Our total personalized attention and dedication to your success!
4. Call us talk to us on the phone, and you'll see why our clients don't leave us!
5. We have clients that have been with us for 15+ years!
6. We give you information in no BS easy to understand words!
7. Our information is based on 19+ years of living, breathing, and sleeping the Internet!
8. We don't just do Adult Web Sites either we do General Web Sites as well!
9. Long hours on the phone for free, to discuss your projects in detail!
10. If you want us to look over a company for you to give you an honest evaluation we will!
11. We are a one stop company for anything internet related!
And much much more!

Why does your hosting cost a bit more than this other company?
Answer:::  We run our own servers, all servers run with Windows 2016 Server, ColdFusion 2016, and Adobe Media Server 5.0, Multipule CPU driven with lots of RAM, lots of space, lots and lots of bandwidth, with 1000MBPS+ connections. We use Amazon Web Services for Hosting.
   Our servers are never full enough to cause performance issues, if a site is using enough resources to cause performance issues, we fix it so its not. We monitor your sites and the servers 24/7, providing technical support 24/7 via phone.
   Our servers are also using state of the art membership protection filters, this means no more password hackers to worry about. Most services do not provide concurrent access restrictions for membership protection.
   But mostly our hosting is designed for running AdultWebsitePRO and VideoBroadcastSoftware software, allowing our clients to save THOUSANDS in update costs per month. You also receive FREE upgrades to newer versions of software(AdultWebsitePRO, VideoBroadCastSoftware are just a couple) while hosting with us.
   A lot of other companies hide hidden costs, be aware of the terms of the company you are looking to have host your site, you may find that they aren't really as high powered or as cheap as they say they are!

What do you mean by Free upgrades to newer versions?
Answer:::  We offer free upgrades to any new versions released, free of charge to clients that host with us.
EXAMPLE: You have AdultWebsitePRO v1.0, we are currently at version 4.9, we will upgrade your version 1.0 to the newest(v4.9) available, free of charge.
  Some upgrades may require some downtime for the site and would be handled at that sites least active period. Most do not.
NOTICE: Site upgrades are subject to time availability

What if I can't figure out how to use Adult Web site PRO?
Answer:::  We will provide all of the support and tutorial assistance you need to help you learn the system quickly and easily. If you decide you'd rather have us develop your web site to get it going and then teach you how to do the updates, etc., we will do that as well.

What is FTP? How do I get it and do it?
Answer:::  FTP or (F)ile (T)ransfer (P)rotocol is what webmasters and everyone else use to connect to a server and put their files/code/images/videos etc.. onto the server to construct a website. We will give you detailed instructions with a link to pick up the latest free FTP program and any other info or links you need when you are ready to get started. We will help you every step of the way.

Why is FTP needed? Why not a Form to select content I want uploaded?
Answer:::  Forms don't allow you to upload (in most cases) mass amounts of content at once. FTP allows you to upload as much as you want. Also browsers are not realiable for large uploads.

What's a normal cost for updates to my site?
Answer:::  If you have AdultWebsitePRO you wouldn't need to pay for updates! Our normal charge for updating a non-AWP site we host is rated at $40/hr. It all depends on what we have to do, how many images, how many movies etc... We would suggest you call for more information.

How much money can I make with an Adult site?
Answer:::  This is a very tricky question and the all around big one too. We can't answer this question. We can tell you what we know. We know if your content is good (especially Exclusive to your site type content), and you have an easy to use site, with a reasonable marketing budget you should make money. It really all depends on whether your content is good, and how much marketing you can do. We have seen sites with brand new domain name, and exclusive content, make 10 sales a day within a few weeks.

What is Hosting? What is a Host?
Answer:::  Your site consists of pages (like this page you are viewing right now), these pages take up space on a computer, not a lot but enough to need some place to store them, and serve them to the internet. That is what a host does. Lets break it down: Host = Server computer(some what like a Personal Computer, some hosting companies consist of several servers). This Server sits in a building(climate controlled with a/several back up power options) somewhere, that building has a "hard wire" to the internet, most are very high speed and direct connect to the internet. Not all are. This is the ideal setting.
   Hosting companies can vary on pricing, they charge a monthly fee for Space, File Transfer, and anything that involves them having to mess with the server.
   Hosting is the foundation of a site (Especially a membership site), and must be chosen with great care. Some hosting companies seem cheaper than others, with good reason, more than likely they are cheaper, using cheaper hardware/processors/RAM/harddrives etc.. (like motherboards only capable of handling 2gigs of RAM), or maybe cheaper internet connections (like only having a 10Mbps connection MAX and calling them selves hosting companies), or maybe they hide their overage costs, because that's where they make their money (and you get a bill for your normal hosting cost of $20/mth with a bandwidth overage use charge of $1000). Be very aware there is such a thing as a bad host and it can be a REAL pain to move sites from one server to another.

What is "Space"?
Answer:::  Servers contain Hard drives, these hard drives have a certain amount of "Space" on them Usually 80GB(80gigabytes) or higher. 1 gigabyte(GB) = 1000 megabytes(MB), 1 megabyte(MB) = 1000 kilobytes(KB), A Web page with a fair amount of information and images would range from 12KB to as high as 1MB. If your Web site consists of nothing but a few Web pages and a hand full of images you wont need very much "Space", at most 50MB and that will give you lots of room to grow. Now if your Web site consists of several Web pages say 1.5MB, and say 5000 images at 100KB each(the size of the images depends greatly on if they are compressed and Web Ready), and say 10 videos at 5MB each(the size of the videos depends greatly on if they are compressed and Web Ready). Lets add that up: 1.5MB + (5000 * 100KB =500MB) + (10 * 5MB =50MB) = 551.5 Megabytes of space is needed for this site.
   Some hosting companies charge outrageous prices for space, be aware of what they charge for space if you use more than your allotted quota of space.

What is Bandwidth?
Answer:::  The amount of data that can be sent from one computer to another through a particular connection in a certain amount of time. The more bandwidth available, the faster you are able to access information. Most Americans, for example, connect to the Internet at home from 56 kilobytes per second (kbps), up to speeds of 10+ megabytes per second(mbps).

What is File Transfer(sometimes referred to as Bandwidth)?
Answer:::  When you came to this Web page, your computer downloaded what's called a Cache file, basically the page and any images/videos/elements on that page. File transfer occurs each time a web page, image, audio, video, and all other elements of your site are accessed by a visitor. Lets say you have a Web page that's 30KB(with 2 or 3 small images etc..) in size, if 2000 people visit this page then you have used 2000 * 30KB =60MB of file transfer. 1 gigabyte(GB) = 1000 megabytes(MB), 1 megabyte(MB) = 1000 kilobytes(KB).
   Some hosting companies charge outrageous prices for File Transfer, be aware of what they charge for File Transfer if you use more then your allotted quota of File Transfer.

What does this mean; 10Mbps/100Mbps/1Gbps/10Gbps connection. (sometimes referred to as burst capability)?
Answer:::  If your hosting server is connected to the internet via a "10mbps" connection; this means that you can handle up to 10 megabytes per second.
EXAMPLE: You have a video file that is 80megs large, and 20 people start to download it at the exact same time at about 500kbps download speed: 500*20=10,000kbps or 10mbps. This means that any other people using the site (including the ones downloading) will start to experience problems with viewing the site.
   Most hosting companies charge extra to be on higher then 10mbps connection.

What is a Webmaster?
Answer:::  A Webmaster or Web designer, is the person who is designing/making/constructing your Web site/Web page. They usually do the updates, and marketing of your site also.

What's the difference between my Webmaster and my Hosting company?
Answer:::  Most times they are not the same people, or even the same company. Your Webmaster deals with anything having to do with your Web site, graphics, updates, marketing. Your hosting company normally handles nothing but maintaining the server that your site resides on, keeping the software up to date, rebooting it every now and then, checking to make sure you aren't using more Space or File Transfer then you should, etc.. With our shared hosting we would be both your host and webmaster.

What are the different hosting options?
Answer:::  We will describe 3 different types of Hosting packages most companies offer:
1. Shared hosting, this means you pay a small monthly fee(prices $5 - $300/mth+, and get put on a server computer that contains anywhere from 100 to 1000+ other web sites. We offer this starting at $20 (with membership filter, 7gig transfer, 1gig space), with less then 20 sites per server.
2. Dedicated hosting, this means you are renting (prices $150 - $800/mth+) a Server (types of servers vary GREATLY) most likely with 1(can be more) hard drive(80GB+), and a certain amount of Bandwidth, or File Transfer. We can refer you to our hosting provider for dedicated servers, competitively priced, with top of the line equipment.
3. Co-Located Hosting, this means you own the server and sent it to the hosting company to plug it into there back bone to the internet, Basically you rent(prices $60 - $400/mth for one machine) Rack(racks are like filing cabinets for servers) space, a power outlet, and a LAN connection, and given certain amount of Bandwidth or File Transfer. We can refer you to our hosting provider for Co-Location of servers, competitively priced, with top of the line equipment.

What is a Web site?
Answer:::  A Web site is a collection of Web pages, kind of like a book, except you click to turn the page. Most Web site's have a menu, a lot like the contents/index page of a book, except that you can click to get to that page instead of turning to it.

What is a Web page?
Answer:::  A web page can be many things; can be a page with nothing but images on it; can be text and images and video with links to other sites etc.. Think of a page from a book, it has text on it and images, the book page was printed to look the way they wanted it to look arranged text etc.. Now think about a page on the web. A web page is the same thing, except you need something to tell all that text and images how to look, this is done by using the programming language HTML mostly. Fancier things involve CGI, JAVA, ColdFusion, Databases, Videos, ASP, Flash, PHP the list goes on and on. As you can see a page can consist of a lot of things, but keep in mind a Web page boils down to nothing more then a file on a hard drive.

Can I create and design my own web site using Adult Web site PRO?
Answer:::  Yes, with our AdultWebsitePRO system you can easily create your web site and customize it with the look you want and create your image/video galleries with the click of a button.
   This does require the knowledge and ability to make your own graphics (unless you just want to use a few pictures from your content, one image per page this would be a very basic setup, but we don't suggest it).
   To do more extensive design with the site you can find a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) program to make html pages with (we do not suggest MS Frontpage), and then simply upload it and any images, files associated with it, login to admin, go to Pages, select the page you want to change and follow the instructions there, by putting the name of the html file in the correct field and clicking update.

How do I contact you?
Answer:::  By Form for AdultWebsitePro here.
By Form for VideoBroadcastSoftware here.
More contact info for AdultWebsitePro.
More contact info for VideoBroadcastSoftware.
Or by phone: 505-352-7188

Do you take a percentage of my membership sales, once site is completed?
Answer:::  No, We do not! Your sales are 100% yours, we only earn the development cost you have agreed to pay us. We do offer monthly management and tech support, if you choose one of our service packages we may earn more from your company for that service, but only if you choose.

Who is CCBill, and why should I use them for my billing solution?
Answer:::  CCBill is what is referred to as a Third Party Billing Company. They handle all membership functions, customer service, monthly/recurring charges, password and username collection and management. Full 24/7 live admin that you can log into via the web any time you like; to view sales, remove, add, edit username/passwords, far to many things to list here.
   They have been in this business for 20 years now, that says more then I could ever say! You can find out more about CCBill @ also. Or call 1-505-352-7188 for more information!

Can Adult Website PRO be used to make a Webcam Site?
Answer:::  No, It is for making Adult Membership sites. Not cam sites. You can add a couple of pier to pier cams (Call for more information), but these would not be pay per minute cams. We can however build you a Cam site like or, you should call for more information on this type of site/project, OR visit for even more information!

How do I buy a copy of Adult Website Pro?
Answer:::  You must contact us to purchase Adult Website PRO. The software needs to be setup by us, and can not be purchased over the web. We accept several forms of payment for your convenience. Please call us at 1-505-352-7188 if you are ready to purchase your own Custom Designed Adult Membership Site, Designed Around A Custom Designed CMS, Adult Website PRO!

If we want to launch our own adult website, is there any type of license we need to obtain?
Answer:::  This is a good question. It all depends on the type of adult website you intend to launch. If you want to launch a website that requires your home be used as a business (home business), then you may be required by your county to obtain a simple business license for your home business. The types of websites that may require you to have a business license would be an adult store where you stocked and shipped tangible products from your home. Or a live consultation or camsite where you were working from your home appearing on your site.
   Of course, we do not know the laws in your area concerning home business and obtaining a business license, so this question might be best answered by a lawyer in your area. We can tell you though, if you plan to make a lot of money with your website, which we're sure that's the plan, then it may be in your best interest to obtain a buisness license for your home business so that you can write off your business expenses on your taxes (especially if you make a lot of money from your website).
   Some of our clients with adult membership sites do not have a business license and some do, it is ultimately up to you if the type of site will not require your home to be your business place. We would be happy to give you more pointers about how to classify your home business and any other info we can provide to help this process be easier for you... Give us a call today for more info 505-352-7188.

Is it possible to have a general viewing section, a free (sign-in) membership section, and a full paid membership section?
Answer:::  This would cost a little extra (depending on how secure you want the "free sign-up" section to be), but I'm sure we can accomplish this.

Am I able to add my own HTML within the site?
Answer:::  Yes, the front of the site is very easy to adjust with HTML. The members section is not as easy, unless we set it up to work that way. We try to make the site as automated as you need, with as little work needed on your end as possible to update/add etc...

Some of my videos are an hour long, would that be a problem?
Answer:::  Video length is entirely up to you, we don't suggest clips longer then 20 mins. The only concerns are with video length, the longer it is the longer it takes the viewer to download the video. And the file size, as this directly relates to your hosting costs for the Space it uses on the server. Keep in mind there are several ways of delivering videos/movies to the customer, all have their pros and cons. We can help you to determine what will work best for you.

Am I able to send you DVD's for you to insert within site?
Answer:::  Yes, but most DVD formats are not web ready, we charge to convert to web ready formats. If you mean can you send us a CD containing all your movies already web formated to put up on the site, then yes also. You can send us any internal/external hard drive, DVD, CD, flash card etc.. for placing content on your site (you must have license to use content).

Do you offer payment plans for adult website design and development?
Answer:::  Yes, we are very flexible. We do require a development deposit in advance. The balance is due upon site completion (when your happy with it, within reason, usually a max of 4-8 weeks). If you would like to make payments or arrange a payment plan for your balance, this is also an option. We accept several types of payment methods for your convenience and flexibility of payment.

Can I use my own graphics and design for my website that you build for me?
Answer:::  Yes you can! We will stand by to assist you with anything you need, including help with working with your own design if you choose. Our main goal is your satisfaction and helping you to create a successful website!

Does it cost me more for you to build it all for me from start to finish?
Answer:::  Not a penny more! Our package prices include full development and custom graphics or working with your graphics, either way!

Do you have any type of payment plan or can I arrange to make payments to you for my adult website development?
Answer:::  Yes, we are very flexible. Normally, most of our clients pay a development deposit in advance with the balance payment upon site completion. If you would like to make payments or arrange a payment plan for your balance, this is an option. We accept several types of payment methods for your convenience and flexibility.

How Much Money can I make with my adult website?
Answer:::  Well, this all depends on what you offer on your website. If it is a membership, video and image content website, the more exclusive the content is to your site the more money you will make. We have some clients making $2000 per month and others making $10,000 per month, it all depends on the uniqueness of the content for the most part.

   If you're planning to have an online retail store developed then again it depends on the product line you choose to sell. If it is a specialty product line or highly unique content then the sales will soar through the roof with a very minimal marketing budget!

Can I accept credit cards on my adult website?
Answer:::  Absolutely! We will setup your site with secure credit card billing. We can refer you to highly reputable 3rd party billing or primary merchant services, whatever your website needs, to easily get you setup to accept credit cards on your website quickly and affordably.

Do you provide content?
Answer:::  No, we are not a content provider, but we can refer you to several reputable, high quality content providers that we have worked with for years, if you do not have content for your website.

Can you edit my video content?
Answer:::  Well, yes and no. We can do basic editing, compression, watermarking and clipping. But for overall production editing we would refer you to use a company with that expertise. Most of our clients either do it themselves or hire a company to handle video editing for them. We are available for basic editing and can help you prepare your initial video content to launch your website with.

I want to promote affiliate sites, what are the pros and cons of doing this with my website?
Answer:::  This is a very good question that more people should be asking!! If you have your own website with exclusive content you do NOT want to do this!!! At that point you would want to setup your own affiliate program for other webmasters to signup to and promote your website.

   If you do not have any content, this is a good idea as long as you don't spread yourself too thin. What we mean by that is, most affiliate programs require a minimum payout of $50 or higher, some $100. So if you promote 1 or 2 places, say a membership site and a Lingerie store your chances of getting regular checks is higher because all of your traffic is only filtering to 2 places.

   On the other hand if you jam as many affiliate banners as you can on your site, say 10 for sake of calculation, you would have to earn 10 times as many sales to reach the minimum payout requirements for each program and would not receive regular checks unless you have an enormous amount of highly convertable traffic or built in customers!!

What if I already own the/a domain name, can I use it with AWP?
Answer:::  We can use any domain name to set up the site with. We/you would need only change its name servers so that we could use it. Call for more information.

What is concurrent connection protection and why do I need it?
Answer:::  This question is so IMPORTANT I just had to write a page specifically to cover this subject, I even placed a link on the front page of the site. Here's the link to the page. Happy reading!

Do you have the option to make the videos downloadable or is streaming video the only choice?
Answer:::  We can stream or let them download the movies, either way you like, it is entirely up to you.

I have an adult website, I want to promote it. Can you help?
Answer:::  Currently we only offer marketing for current clients and new design clients.

Can I add my own pictures to the website in a gallery form?
Answer:::  You can make your own galleries then upload them and link them accordingly, or you can use the site to make them into a gallery of your specifications.

Can you do an adult video chat via your web cam with your adult website along with role play?
Answer:::  Yes.

Do gallery pages in a site created with AWP prevent users from downloading, stealing, the pictures and videos on it?
Answer:::  We can implement several techniques designed to prevent this but there is no 100% way of preventing a person from getting images and videos. We can design Flash/Java applets to serve the images/videos from but this tends to slow down the site.
   Bottom line, we can make it difficult but not impossible. The best defense for this is to Copywrite the images and videos via watermarking. For more information Contact us.

Can videos on a gallery page play within that page?
Answer:::  Yes, and they do by default.

Can the site include a store section to sell merchandise?
Answer:::  Yes, but this is a separate site, due to merchant account issues.

How much does adultwebsitepro cost? Are there any additional per month fees?
Answer:::  The cost of AdultWebsitePRO is $1,499.00 one time fee. There are no monthly fees for AdultWebsitePRO.

What should my total budget be for you advertising services along with the associated design and hosting fees?
Answer:::  Please contact us for questions like this: By Form here.

   To somewhat answer your question, marketing is determined by you the owner of the website and can range from as little as $50/mth all the way up.... There are even free methods that we can show you how to take advantage of. We would explain all your marketing options as soon as the site was finished and ready to make money.

What specifications do you recommend for Images and Videos; format, file size, image size, etc..?
Answer:::  A very good question:

   Remember to water mark/copy write everything!!

   For video we recommend Windows Media format (.wmv), there are several formats available. Windows Media can be viewed by most ALL PC's these days. Compression techniques vary greatly, you want as high quality as you can get and yet maintain a small file size. The dimensions of the video can vary greatly also depending on the way it was shot, and what equipment was used. General sizes (and you can have several) range from 120wx60h all the way up to full screen, HD quality, etc...

   For Images we suggest JPEG (or.jpg) format. The image size should be no greater then 400KBish (thumbs no larger then 50KBish). The actual dimensions of the image should be no bigger then 1024pixel width by 768pixel height, this is the average resolution maintained by the "world" currently.

I'm looking for a host to run an adult web content provider site. Can I do this with AdultWebsitePRO?
Answer:::  Actually for a content provider we would suggest a different package, more along the lines of a cart type site. The cost of a cart for downloadable content is right around $3500. For hosting of this site you could start on our shared hosting, but I would suggest your own dedicated server. There would be no limit to downloadable content (photo or video) for this type of site. All downloads would be in zip format.

$1499 gets me everything including your help building the site and graphics and it is easy for someone with average knowledge of PCs and hosting to accomplish, then all I need to pay is for the hosting with you each month?
Answer:::  Yes! We give full tutorials and free support to help you learn how to use your AWP system, or any other type of site we build for you, and will be available to you for as long as you desire. We are also available to assist you in the management of your site, monthly management fees can be negotiated. If there is an issue with our software it is fixed ASAP with no charge!

What do you charge for creating a website, full promotion and hosting?
Answer:::  Full membership site $1499, SEO Organic Marketing starts at $1899 for 2mths promotion, hosting starts at $39.99/mth for support/concurrent connection membership filter/1gig space/20gigs bandwidth/POP email/ColdFusion Hosting lots of other stuff call for more details.

What is AMS?
Answer:::  AMServer software offers a unique combination of powerful streaming with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multiway social media experiences to the broadest possible audience. Since it uses the Adobe Flash Player, and the Adobe Flash player has a 99% penetration, there is no download required making it very easy to use. Adobe Media Server(AMS) is one of the most widely used streaming platforms available.

What is the difference between streaming a recorded video and progressive downloading a recorded video?
Answer:::  Progressive download makes the viewer download the video, for large files this can be tedious at best. Streaming your videos from an AMServer, the viewer only downloads what they are viewing, the viewer can also 'seek' to any part of the movie he wants. This helps reduce bandwidth usage and increase viewer satisfaction. Recorded videos streamed by an FMIServer can also be streamed based on the viewers connection speed (it provides the best size format based on the connection of the viewer), and the viewer can be timed for access of the videos.

What is a AMS CC (Concurrent Connection)?
Answer:::  An AMS CC is one single connection to the FMIServer, video, audio, and chat along with a few other things can all be transferred via this connection. EXAMPLE: If you have 25 CCs you have 25 open channels that allow a viewer/broadcaster to connect to the FMIServer, to use all 25 CCs you would have to have 25 people connected to the application for 24/7/365. So say you have 50 members at your membership site; chances are good that not all 50 will show up for the live show; your live show starts and 10 people show up (11 CCs in use now, 1 for streaming live to server and 10 watching the stream); after about 5 minutes 2 people show up, but 1 has to go (12 CCs in use); 20 mins in 10 more people show up, but 5 have left (17 CCs in use); 30 mins in 5 leave and 4 arrive (16 CCs in use); ETC... Now of course if you know the show is going to be packed then you can always purchase 25 more CCs with just a call.

What are the limitations to your software?
Answer:::  Our software (including VBS non-lease package) has no built in limitations, you are only limited by the AMServer CCs, these can be leased from us at very reasonable prices. You always, also, have the option of purchasing your own AMServer license and leasing your own server to put the license on, this would provide you with roughly 1500-2000 CCs.

Can you design a custom adult swingers site for me, similar to and How much will it cost to get up and running?
Answer:::  This type of question is best asked by using our contact form here. But in short yes, please contact us for more information.

Can you help with recruiting models for a cam site?
Answer:::  Yes we offer daily, weekly, monthly assistance with performer management/recruiting, fees to be negotiated based on your needs. Though as with our marketing we currently only offer these services for current clients and new design clients.

If I purchase AdultWebsitePRO, what other 'items' do I need to purchase?
Answer:::  To work with AdultWebsitePRO you will need an FTP program, a browser, an internet connection, and web ready content.

Does your site work with bondage related material?
Answer:::  If it is legal in the USA, then we will work with it.

Do you work with any other billing companies?
Answer:::  Currently we work with CCBill, and Epoch. We can custom write a script for you if you intend to use a different billing company.

What would be the price per year I would have to put out for AdultWebsitePRO?
Answer:::  As stated previously there is NO MONTHLY FEES FOR AdultWebsitePRO. There are hosting fees for site/content hosting. More info about hosting can be found here and here. We provide concurrent connection protection for membership sites with our hosting packages, along with our fanatical support.

Can you set up payment systems to be direct deposited into my bank account?
Answer:::  Yes, this is typically done by the payment system/provider, most charge a fee to Direct Deposit per deposit.

I would like to get started right away, what should I do first?
Answer:::  Contact us either by Phone: 505-352-7188, or send us an email via this form: Mail Form. We will tell you then, based on your project, your next best step.

Do you build sex toy websites?
Answer:::  Yes we do build sex toy websites. Price depends on how fancy you want it. Please contact us for further details.

I have an adult website, I want to promote it. Can you help?
Answer:::  Yes we can! Using organic SEO power marketing, nothing else like it, call for details. 505-352-7188

How much should the upkeep of a site cost?
Answer:::  Well this is a very good question and depends a lot on how many updates you do and what all is involved in those updates. If the site is setup to make updates as easy as possible, the way we setup AdultWebsitePRO sites, you can make most updates yourself and therefor not need to pay anything for updates. Hosting could also be considered 'upkeep' but that is a completely different subject.
   Our fees for 'upkeep' or updating your website are completely negotiable and depend greatly on the amount of work needed per month. Currently we have clients that pay as little as $25/mth to as much as $2000/mth.

I want to start an adult website, will I be able to get started just by creating a website? and can I build on that website gradually?
Answer:::  Yes and no, you need content to begin with then you need a site and a site that can grow with you. As long as the site is designed to grow with you then you can gradually add more features and extras. But that's not to say that any content will work, or that it will not require hard work on your end and cost for design, hosting, maintaining, and in most cases cost of the content itself.

Would you set up the entire site? Does that include posting of pictures and ensuring that no one is able to steal pics?
Answer:::  We will post the first 5-10 galleries, and teach you how to easily post the rest, if you would like us to post all of your content to the site that would cost extra. As for protecting pictures on the internet, that is impossible, if it is a picture and you can see it, it is steal-able, there are dozens of programs out there that capture the desktop as a JPG or BMP quite easily, right click protect can help deter image theft but if not done correctly it can be by passed and the image still gets stolen. Even if you sold them in ZIP files via a download site people would share them out via torrent and a dozen other avenues. Bottom line you don't want the image stolen don't put it on the internet.

Do I have to create the material, or is it included with the price?
Answer:::  No content/material/images/videos are provided with any of our packages. You must legally make or legally purchase your content for your members area, some will also be used for promo, and graphics used to create your site.

Do you offer marketing help?
Answer:::  We offer our 14 years of expertise in anything we can help you with, once your site is finished we can offer you marketing advice, and provide marketing for your site.

Do you need an adult entertainment website license?
Answer:::  Not that I am aware of, you can have a business license attached to the website, but I have heard nothing about a license for an adult entertainment website.

I understand you don't provide the material for the adult site, but do you have the information on companies who do provide the material?
Answer:::  Yes, we have lots of information on providers, and we provide this information to our clients upon request. It is always best though to make your own content, exclusivity is what sells.

Is it possible to maintain the anonymity of the owner of an adult website of any type ?
Answer:::  Yes! If you want full anonymity we or another company of your choosing can handle all issues with said site. Or you can carefully manage it yourself without giving any private information out.

Will AdultWebsitePRO/VideoBroadcastSoftware have any rights to the pictures/videos I upload on to the site?
Answer:::  NO! We have no right to the content you choose to upload, though it must be legal or we will remove it!

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